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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Getaway Plan - Requiem

Single Move Along is very much commercial emo by numbers. Piano and vocals start just over four minutes of tension and angst that if written in the first half of last decade would have been good to very good.

"They've been carving your name out in stone" swoons frontman Matthew Wright at the opening of a song that has been written by better writers 6783 times before. The addition of backing strings do nothing to prove me wrong about the Melbourne lads. It's not that I don't want to like such easy to like music but, in 2011, it feels lazy, fraudulent and, well, boring.

Take a listen to the seventh track, S.T.A.R, and you will understand the relatively benign talents of a band that has played with the reasonable My Chemical Romance and The Used. Don't get me too wrong, Requiem shows The Getaway Plan understand what they're doing by coming back after essentially a three year hiatus, what it doesn't show is how good emo was when at its height.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

At The Halfway Point

Who'd have thought Thursday would dominate 2011 like Devolucion has.

It is an astonishing reply to anyone, me included, who had essentially written the Jersey band off. Initially all I could hear was Pornography era The Cure but as with all subtle records it slowly unfolds, rolls out, shows itself to be much more than a tribute disc. Empty Glass is oft on repeat, if for nothing more than that opening line: "I lost my wedding ring down the kitchen sink" and the sonic mood - it's all very un-Thursday I realise but now it has become totally Thursday.

Elsewhere John Darnielle is ever brilliant with the latest The Mountain Goats LP. I'm not a great lover of the DCFC but that can and most likely will change.

The TV on The Radio disc caught my attention early on but I haven't returned to it in the way I've kept going back to Devolucion. Radiohead LP was genuinely boring.

On the homeland front I remain bored. A new Blueline Medic LP seems as far away as it ever has been while the same nonsense keeps getting offered up by the latest D'opus and Roshambo or Angus and John Pyke. I am yet to dig out the Jebediah LP so will be doing that.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Crystal Ball of 2011

There are going to be mighty records released in 2011. Here's to hoping none of them are listed below, a surprise sure would be nice.

TV on The Radio - Nine Types of Light
Radiohead - The King of Limbs

There are going to be better than good albums also.
Thrice - As yet unnamed
British India - As yet unnamed
Enter Shikari - As yet unnamed

Artists I hope might bother me in 2011
The Jealous Sound
Derek Webb
Pilot to Gunner
Brave Saint Saturn